Avali FBT VRChat avatar! (Jerry!)

Rai Kitamatsu
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This is Jerry! An avali avatar i've been working on for a while with improvements over the last two avali i've released. :D

Now updated to support VRC Physbones and avatar contacts!

Jerry has 5 layers of feathers in both the wings and skirt, A different tail to the Kita and Davali and 4 different hairstyles!

Other improvements include eye dilation keys, more rigged feathers, mesh beans and nicer topology.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the ToS at the bottom of this page!
We are removing the License key system we had been using for other avatars and are swapping entirely over to assets stored on gumroad instead.
Therefor you will get the assets directly through gumroad.

There is still a role available on the Kita's birdhouse discord server for this avatar.
Come join us at:

Features 'n details:

The avatar comes with:

.Blend file with the Avali avatar and 4 different hairstyles you can attach.

.SPP substance templates with easy to re-colour masked fill layers and an exploded view of the model for easy re-painting. 

.UnityPackage with everything set up and ready for use with Avatar 3.0, MMD Worlds and Full body tracking in VRChat. This includes puppet menus for the ears and tail, toggles for a blelele animation and another to remove the wings via a wireframe dissolve animation.
Unity package has templates of all the hairstyle options and templates for different VRC rating levels.
The templates include the following:
"Good" - No dynamics.
"Medium" - Minimal dynamics.
"Poor" - Everything I could rig is dynamic.

This avatar is set up with VRCSDK3.0, Dynamic bones and Poiyomi.
SDK 3.0, dynamic bones and poiyomi are not included in the package and need to be imported first. Link for where to get these assets are available in the server.

Poiyomi is required for one of the 3.0 toggles.

The avatar currently contains around 190 shapekeys.

This includes the following:

  • 17 basic vrc keys
  • 47 MMD keys
  • 13 preset expressions
  • ARKit face tracking keys (iPhone/Android) for VRM/Vtuber software.
  • at least 50 other misc keys for building your own combinations for expressions.

Polys/Tris count info:

Main Avatar base Polycount:

in Polys: 30090 polys


in Tris: 58766 tris

The hairstyles are (In tris):

1. SideFlopped Hair: 5472 tris

2. FeatherFan Hair: 1824 tris

3. Mohawk Hair: 2304 tris

4. Layered Hair: 5814 tris

This avatar is not quest compatible out of the box. If you buy it to use with quest you will have to convert it yourself.

By purchasing and/or redeeming avatars from Rai Kitamatsu you're accepting the ToS below.

The recipient mentioned in the ToS refers to whoever is receiving the avatar from the gumroad store purchase. Whether it be someone purchasing it for themselves or someone receiving the avatar as a gift purchase.

Any rights not specifically granted here are reserved. If you have any questions about allowed uses of these files contact Rai Kitamatsu.

1. Usage:

Files and avatars must be kept private.

Avatars and other content from Rai Kitamatsu are not allowed to be distributed, shared, traded or resold nor used in any content that will be.

The recipient of the avatar/other content agrees not to distribute, trade, share or re-sell this content/avatar or any of it's parts or files.

The recipient may use this avatar in any game or streaming software in which you are able to keep the files private and other users are unable to use the avatar.

The recipient may use these avatars to stream but cannot claim their default unchanged appearance as their streaming identity.

Any streamer merch is not allowed to contain any part of the avatar files nor be worded in any way that implies that it's "official Kita merch".

2. Modifications and Derivative content:

The recipient can modify the model and it's parts.

Modified versions of the avatars/content can only be shared to other users who have legitimate copies of the avatar purchased from Rai Kitamatsu's store.

Derivative avatars created from these bases must be credited as such and are not allowed to be distributed, shared, traded or resold.

3. Commissions and user created paid content:

You may do commissions for this avatar for other users who own the content legitimately. It is your responsibility to ensure this. Commissions need to be made to order.

You may create paid content for these avatars.

Eg. Skins, Clothing, Mods, etc.

Paid content going up on Gumroad or other stores is not allowed to contain the avatar files except for required parts of the rig to keep weight painting information.

If your clothing requires a modified version of the avatar to wear (Such as crushing shapekeys) then you can drop the modified avatar or shapekey in the appropriate asset sharing channel for that avatar on the Kita'vali server.

You cannot charge someone for the base files - Only for the content you've created.

You are free to advertise any content created for these avatars in product-showcase and commissions to make it easier for other users to find and purchase your work.


Due to the nature of digital files I do not offer refunds for any content in which you have been granted access to files.

Avatars and other content are provided as is and go through a lot of testing before release.

That said- If you find anything that has slipped through or any bugs that arise due to future VRC updates let me know!

I'll be happy to work with you to resolve the problem.

It is my aim to keep all my avatars up to date and working.

Additional notes:

Using these avatars to create racist or hateful imagery will get you banned from the server and your email blocked from future purchases.

I do not support NFTs in any form and do not consent to my work being used in their creation.

If an avatar comes with credits in the texture or in the head:

It is not required that you keep the credit planes in the avatars but it is appreciated as it helps support my work and more sales allow me to make more content.

Please don't use these files in a way that'll screw me over. This is my full time job -not a hobby- and I have bills too.

-Quantity 1+
  • https://discord.com/invite/kitavali Join the discord server for updates and to show off your content. :D

  • https://discord.com/invite/kitavali Join the discord server for updates and to show off your content. :D


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